(IN)SCRIBE Summer Program

The INdiana Summer Clinical Residency in Innovation for Biomedical Engineers or (IN)SCRIBE Program is a paid clinical immersion and team-based design internship for biomedical engineering students at IUPUI.
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About the (IN)SCRIBE Program

Well-trained biomedical engineers are key contributors to the development of innovative healthcare solutions. Clinical immersion experiences prepare biomedical engineering students to realize where and how medical device translation occurs. The proximity of the urban IUPUI campus to hospitals that serve diverse patient populations presents an opportunity for a community-engaged experience that will build student cultural and social competencies in tandem with integrative engineering skills.The INdiana Summer Clinical Residency in Innovation for Biomedical Engineers, or (IN)SCRIBE Program, is a paid six-week clinical immersion and team-based design internship for biomedical engineering students. Participants in the program, or (IN)SCRIBE Scholars, will be BME undergraduate students at IUPUI who apply for the Program and are selected to participate. The (IN)SCRIBE Scholars will engage in design training, meaningful clinical immersion, and team-based design, with ultimate goals of identifying unmet urban healthcare needs and confronting Indiana's healthcare challenges. The program consists of four phases, as depicted below.

(IN)SCRIBE Program Overview

Key Information

Program Dates:

May 13 - June 21, 2024

Program Stipend:


Program Directors:

Sharon Miller, PhD & Steve Higbee, PhD

Application Deadline:

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Offers Extended:

Monday, March 18, 2024

Decision Deadline:

Friday, March 29, 2024

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligibile to participate in the (IN)SCRIBE Program and receive funding, a student must:

* Any first-year student wishing apply to the (IN)SCRIBE Program must first submit their application to the IUPUI BME Program.

How to Apply

Students interested in participating in the (IN)SCRIBE Program will be required to submit the (IN)SCRIBE Program Application, consisting of a cover letter and résumé. The cover letter should address the following prompts:

To apply for the summer (IN)SCRIBE Program, please click here .

We highly encourage all (IN)SCRIBE Program applicants to get vaccinated against COVID-19, if they have not done so already. Unvaccinated participants may be excluded from certain clinical rotations.

Selection of Participants

All applications from eligible individuals will be scored by a review panel consisting of both Program Directors, one further member of the IUPUI BME Undergraduate Committee, and one alumnus of the IUPUI BME program. In addition to the cover letter and résumé, the review panel may consider other factors:

* We will make efforts to recruit a diverse population of students for the cohort of (IN)SCRIBE Scholars.

The rubric that will be used for applicant scoring is depicted below. We will work with the review panel to rank the applicants so that additional offers can be made should any of the selected applicants decline their offer. Students will be informed of their acceptance or rejection by March 18th.

(IN)SCRIBE Program Application Rubric


If you have any questions about the (IN)SCRIBE Program or how to apply, please contact Sharon Miller (sm11@iu.edu) and/or Steve Higbee (sjhigbee@iupui.edu).